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Doll and Teddy Bear Party
I think we will see more teddy bears today; on all the home visits that I make there are only a couple who have cuddly dolls. "They very rarely get an opportunity to express their closeness to their animal or doll. What I sense from them here is ...
Russians to gather in Trafalgar Square for historic festival
Russian dolls are on sale at the Bazaar The Maslenitsa Festival ... Group fist-fights, vast bonfires and performing bears are traditional, but those celebrating here in London may have to make do with tamer alternatives. Sabir Suleyman is the owner ...
Heidi Pluszcok Collectible Dolls Now at Beacon's Glow Collectibles
an online gift and collectibles retail store specializing in dolls & teddy bears (, is now an authorized retailer of Heidi Plusczok Dolls from Germany. In fact, they will be the only retailer in the United States located in the ...
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We also carry the most popular brand names including Sesame Street ( c/sesame-street-plush), Ugly Dolls ( c/the-ugly-dolls), Curious George ( c/plush-curious-george), and of course the famous ...
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Santa Rosa Plaza's Build-A-Bear store to close
Competing with more technologically savvy toys may have been tough for a teddy bear, as children’s attention drifted to electronic games and digitally enhanced toys like the popular “Furby” dolls. “The younger kids are so much more exposed to ...
Celebrate the Year of the Polar Bear
2013 is the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears - a concerted international action to protect this magnificent species and its habitat. Due in large part to the Agreement and efforts by the five polar bear range states ...
Grizzly Bear On The Loose In Florida UPDATED
Weeeee! Vacation Bear ain't care! Booboo is owned by animal trainer Dexter Osborn, who goes on cross country trips with him and a couple of other bears, putting on live shows and occasionally working a TV or film that needs a bear in it. The bear ...
PETA's Chief Saunooke Bear Park Investigation Finds Evidence Of Animal Abuse, Racism (VIDEO)
According to PETA, the park's staff have deprived bears of food and proper veterinary care. The bears are allegedly kept confined in "small, barren concrete pits" and are described by PETA as displaying very "stressed" behavior and "signs of suffering."
Trestman's GPS has Bears en route
Kip Lewis and Bears Insider John "Moon" Mullin break down Phil Emery's ... I have written repeatedly how Cutler’s demeanor would be a bigger problem if he didn’t care. Football and winning are important to Cutler. Caring about your job performance ...
Care Bears And Strawberry Shortcake Find Home Vid Home At Lionsgate
Lionsgate‘s deal with American Greetings Corp for home entertainment rights to Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake properties comes after not-so-cuddly rights litigation between American Greetings and Cookie Jar Entertainment, which tried to purchase the ...